Day: December 18, 2013

Game News

Hero Siege is a hack n’ slash game with roguelike elements and lots of blood

For some reason this holiday season we are getting plenty of game releases that have a ton of blood in them. Not that its a bad thing but it is pretty humorous to think about considering this is Christmas after all. Hero Siege is a new hack n’ slash game with a lot of roguelike elements to it that also has a ton of blood being splattered all over the place when you kill someone.

Game News

Killing Floor: Calamity launches exclusively onto Ouya. Buy an Ouya for $40 off its regular price.

Toadman Interactive have released a new game exclusively onto Ouya called Killing Floor: Calamity. If this game sounds familiar that is because this is a re-imaged version of the original arcade shooter version of Killing Floor. However this is not an FPS game like the original one and is instead a top-down arcade shooter with plenty of blood to go around.

Game News

Crescent Moon Games releases the puzzle platformer game Mimpi onto Google Play

Two days ago when we were talking about Crescent Moon Games releasing Blocky Roads onto Android, we also mentioned that the company would be launching another game as well in the next day or two called Mimpi. Well if you were interested in checking out Mimpi after we posted that it was coming to Android, you will be happy to know that the game is now available on Google Play.

Game News

Multi-platform Dreamcast emulator Reicast arrives in Alpha form on Android

Today Android gamers get a little bit of a treat, especially if you enjoy playing Dreamcast games. That is because Reicast, a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator that works quite well, has arrived onto Android today. Reicast is actually a fork of Nulldce for those of you familiar with that emulator. This release is being labeled as an Alpha version but once you dive into it, Reicast seems to have more of a beta feel to it.