Day: 6 February 2014


Music Inc is a music sim game but it’s really there to teach you that piracy is bad

This sort of thing has happened before regarding different topics. A game is released that looks like it will be fun to play at first. Then you dig into it a bit and realized that is actually a giant billboard with some sort of meaning to it and that the actual game is more of a side project to the overall message. In this case Music Inc is going to teach you that pirating music is bad.


Two new games by Nvidia are now available for Shield and GRID users – Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third

Nvidia Shield owners who also enjoy playing games through Nvidia’s cloud game streaming service GRID has a couple of additional games to check out and both of them are pretty solid titles. For those of you who are into zombies, you will want to check out Dead Island. If you’re a fan of the Saints Row franchise then you’ll be happy to know that Saints Row: The Third is now available to play.


Amazon buys Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games and all of their intellectual properties

Back in August of 2012 Amazon created their own game development studio, appropriately named Amazon Game Studios, in an attempt to make their own games and publish them. Since the creation of this game development studio, not a whole lot has come from it aside from the odd Facebook game but there is also the the ability to make games for their own Android devices.