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Card Hunter is a mesh between CCG and a board game, coming to Android tablets soon

A new hybrid game is heading to Android tablets soon called Card Hunter. This little game is a mash-up of CCG (Card Collecting Game) and a board game which is currently being developed by a company called DropForge and has been under development for almost a year already.

This mash-up does produce an interesting style of gameplay where players will move around a board, rolling dice and battle it out with other creatures as they collect their own. Sort of like a variant of Pokemon in a lot of ways.

While Card Hunter has been available to play for free through your browser for a bit now, a tablet version has been in the works for some time although the company has specified what platforms specifically it will arrive on, only that it will be for ‘tablets’. So there is still a chance that Android may not get a version of this game. There also is a chance it will happen.

Official Website: Card Hunter

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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