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Under the Radar: Hold off waves of hostile aliens to survive in XenoShyft, now available from Google Play

Based on the eponymous board game, XenoShyft is a deck building game that’s now playable on Android. In this game, players will assume control of the NorTec army, specifically those that are assigned to defending a particular base which housed a mining operation that’s in search of a dangerous fuel source called Xenosathem. This fuel tends to pervert and mutate life that’s exposed to it.


The Pandemic board game is currently available for 70% off

In other board gaming news, Pandemic is currently on sale for a limited time. In this game, two to four players are doing everything they can to stop an outbreak of a pandemic disease from wiping out humanity. One of the many twists in this game is that there are multiple diseases that are all spreading concurrently, though in different regions of the globe. Players work cooperatively in this game, to try to kill off all four diseases and and hopefully avoid the multiple loss conditions that the game presents which include too man outbreaks, running out of player cards, and so on.


Be involved in the cold war with the newly ported board game Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is one of the best board games ever to be created. Fortunately for us, it’s now been ported over to Android. In this game, players will be assuming control of either the US, or the Soviet Union, in a bid for global hegemony, during the Cold War. Players will work their way through rounds, that are focused on each of the four main decades that contained the Cold War.


Help rebuild society after a pandemic in Nyheim, now available from Google Play

Set in a post-pandemic world, Nyheim is a game about rebuilding and survival after most of humanity was wiped out. While the origin of the virus is unclear, a rat does become infected with it. Its symptoms within the rat include increased testosterone production, as well as heightened aggression, which inevitably leads to both it’s rampant spread among other rats, and eventually the transference of it to humans. Switch it to monkeys and you have the 28 Days Later movie.