Day: November 9, 2016

Game Reviews

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Review: A rather twisted game about bullies

I had the unique pleasure of checking out The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera game which is based on a kid who is bullied and picked on by some larger, unscrupulous neighborhood punks. These punks abuse both Johnny and his sandwich which causes Johnny to take the law into his own hands to serve a bit of justice. There is actually a map of the neighborhood in which the main character, Johnny travels.

Game News

Capture the enemy’s water sources, and defend your own, in Pig Bang, now available in public beta

Pig Bang is an arcade MOBA that’s coming soon to the Android OS. In this game, players will be tasked with capturing three different points on a map, and subsequently maintaining control of those points. What the game has for a back story is that two groups of pigs are fighting over water resources, so the control points are likely sources of water.