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Build the largest and craziest castle for the king in Mad King Ludwig’s Castles, now available for download

Released by Jeremiah Maher, Castles of Mad King Ludwig is the digital port of a physical board game that has just been released onto the Android platform. For the uninitiated, the source board game is a quirky and somewhat humorous contest based around the idea of building. The goal of the game is to build up a castle that is worth the most points at the end.

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Plague Inc may also be getting a board game if their Kickstarter is a success

Yesterday we reported on This War Of Mine getting its own physical board game and that 11-bit Studio’s Kickstarter campaign has begun. We also said it is usually physical board games getting digital adaptations and not the other way around. Well it looks like the ‘other way around’ is becoming a trend as Plague Inc is looking to get a physical board game as well. Of course this solely depends on how successful the Kickstarter campaign for it is.

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11-bit Studio’s This War Of Mine’s upcoming physical board game version now has its Kickstarter campaign live

Usually we see board games getting a digital version released onto mobile devices (and other platforms). However, on the flip side of things, 11-bit studio’s This War Of Mine game will be getting a physical board game version made. What’s even more interesting is the fact that 11-bit Studio promises that it’ll be just as intense as the video game. While news of the board game being made has been known for a little bit now, just to make everything official, the Kickstarter campaign for it has launched this morning.

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Toy with the NetherRealm in the newest expansion for Talisman: Digitial Edition

Released by Nomad Games, Talisman is a digital rendering of the classic board game that’s released by Fantasy Flight Games. The idea in Talisman is that each player assumes the role of character pulled from fantasy style games and books (warrior, wizard, priest, monk, etc), and they are racing around the board to be the first person to claim the Crown of Command.