Day: 11 May 2016


Plague Inc may also be getting a board game if their Kickstarter is a success

Yesterday we reported on This War Of Mine getting its own physical board game and that 11-bit Studio’s Kickstarter campaign has begun. We also said it is usually physical board games getting digital adaptations and not the other way around. Well it looks like the ‘other way around’ is becoming a trend as Plague Inc is looking to get a physical board game as well. Of course this solely depends on how successful the Kickstarter campaign for it is.


Nintendo’s next two mobile games will feature a free-to-start business model

Nintendo recently revealed what franchises their next two mobile games would be from, that being Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Today the company revealed what sort of business model these games would have, and while Nintendo did say all of their games would be free-to-play more than likely back when they initially revealed they would be making mobile games, it seems then are going to be trying a slightly different approach with these two upcoming games.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ breaks 2 million download in North America, celebrated with a limited-time in-game event

Square Enix and Disney’s release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ onto mobile has apparently done quite well for itself since its recent launch, amassing over 2 million downloads in North America alone. This number may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things until you realize that this was done in under a month’s time. Like any milestone breaking, Square Enix and Disney are going to host an in-game event for a limited time.