Earn actual pieces of Bitcoin while playing SaruTobi, coming soon to Android

Released originally on iOS by MandleDuck Ltd, SaruTobi is a freemium game where  players have the opportunity to win/earn a actual bitcoins. The gameplay is fairly basic, where players are assuming control of monkey that is hanging on the bottom of a vine.

Players begin by building up momentum on the vine, swinging over the top of the tree multiples times, to then release the monkey from the vine and collect either bananas (which can be redeemed for power ups, such as springs to bounce further and farther, or hang gliders to stay in the air longer, etc), or bitcoins. If enough of them are collected in game, they can be redeemed for actual pieces of bitcoins. It wasn’t clear to me how much was paid out, whether it would be large enough to be bits, or just satoshi.

From what the developer announced on Reddit, there are going to be options for Android users that our iOS counterparts don’t have, such as the ability for us to use game items from Spells of Genesis, which is upcoming game that uses BTC as the driver for its virtual economy. more can be found on that game here. And for the uninitiated, there are two different ways that users can receive BTC from SaruTobi:

1.) the ad revenue at the end of the month is converted into bitcoin and split between the players, monthly bitcoin payout
2.) Sometimes instants bitcoins tips are paid out after a player has collected enough coins, this depends on how much bitcoin is in the game’s pot/hot wallet

The developers are also opening up to donations, to get the hot wallet going, so anyone interested in greasing those skids can check out the Reddit link above. The release is currently being tabbed as “imminent”, so hopefully that’s literal and we can see this game drop any day now. If its listing on iOS is any indicator, it’ll be free for download, with optional IAPs included as well.

Source: TheMerkle

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