Day: May 14, 2014

Game News

Flappy Bird will indeed be coming back and this time with multiplayer

Not too long ago we reported on the fact that the creator of Flappy Bird was pondering the possibility of actually bringing the game back to life and back onto mobile devices for people to go back to sinking time into. While nothing was concrete back then, once you start pondering things like this, chances are you’ll actually go ahead and do it and that is the case here with Flappy Birds.

Game Reviews

Wind Runner Review: Endless Runner, Endless Entertainment

Endless running games, much like the genre itself, seem to continue being made with no end in sight. While there has been a definite upsurge in the genre over the last couple of years, with titles such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers blazing the trail, many of the games come across as mere clones. Often utilizing similar mechanics and an aggressive cash shop, the genre seemed as if the only place it was running – was the ground. Enter Wind Runner, a side scrolling endless runner with a pretty face, made by WeMade Entertainment.

Game News

Borderlands 2 (PS Vita) VS Borderlands 2 PC Streaming (NVIDIA Shield)

Borderlands 2 has been available on the PS Vita for a week now (if you bought the Vita Slim bundle). While it may be the only handheld to run the game natively, it is not the only handheld Borderlands 2 can be played on. The NVIDIA Shield offers PC streaming of many games, and Borderlands 2 is one of them. I happen to be in a very small camp of people who own both systems and I’ve given both of them a try.