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Flappy Bird will indeed be coming back and this time with multiplayer

Not too long ago we reported on the fact that the creator of Flappy Bird was pondering the possibility of actually bringing the game back to life and back onto mobile devices for people to go back to sinking time into. While nothing was concrete back then, once you start pondering things like this, chances are you’ll actually go ahead and do it and that is the case here with Flappy Birds.

Before Dong Nguyen came out to say that Flappy Bird could be returning, the developer had announced that his newest game would be like the original Flappy Bird title but better. Now Nguyen has officially made the announcement that his addictive flappy game would be coming back to mobile devices and that it’ll be arriving this August. There will also be improvements to the game, which means that this must be the new title he was talking about previously.

So what improvement will be coming to such a simple game? Well believe it or not multiplayer is on the table to arrive with the re-release of Flappy Bird. This will either make the game less fun, at least in multiplayer mode, or twice as addictive and fun for those people who are fans of the game. This also means we should see a billion clones shortly after Flappy Birds return. Ironically Dong Nguyen also says the game will have fewer addictive qualities than its older version.

Either way there’s still quite some time before fans of Flappy Birds can get their hands on this new re-release version.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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