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11-bit Studio’s Anomaly Defenders Set For Release May 29th

11-bit Studios made a name for itself by turning the tower defense genre on its ear with Anomaly: Warzone Earth, a tower offense game. They followed that up with an expansion, Anomaly: Korea and a sequel, Anomaly 2 but now they are trying something different, by doing what everyone else was doing previously: a tower defense game.

11-bit Studios announced Anomaly Defenders about a month back, but for the past two days they have been showing off promotional videos and today they have revealed the title’s release date: May 29th.  In Anomaly Defenders, players take control of aliens as they attempt to fight off an invasion from humans.

It will be interesting to see if 11-bit Studios can innovate in the overcrowded tower defense genre, beyond the setting. They practically created the tower offense offshoot, but now that they are returning to tower defense, it will be much harder for Anomaly Defenders to stand out.

That being said, 11-bit Studios has an great track record of putting out some high quality titles. If anyone can revive the stale tower defense genre, it’s them. The latest video (which you can watch above) shows some of the features 11-bit Studios plans to implement to help Anomaly Defenders stand out.

The May 29th release date mentions Steam and Games Republic as the vehicle for the release, no word yet on if the mobile versions share the same release date.

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