Day: June 26, 2014

Game News

Disney Interactive Announces Star Wars Commander For Mobile

Disney Interactive’s official Tumblr page revealed the logo for an upcoming Star Wars mobile game, includes Android, called Star Wars Commander. Not much information was given on the game other than that it is a strategy game consisting of elements from the Star Wars universe; as in characters, locations, and technology. The game is being released in limited early access on Android along with iOS  in “select international markets” but will release worldwide sometime this summer.

Game News

Transformers Age of Extinction Also Has A Mobile Game Out Now

Transformers Age of Extinction (the movie) hits theaters this Friday. So of course any big-budget movie based off of a toy is going to have a mobile game to go along with it. Sharing the same name, the game is actually a 3D runner. However to split itself a part from those usual games, and to capture the Transformers feel, there is combat. Fighting is done as one of the two Transformer forms, vehicle or robot. You can upgrade your Transformers to make your team even more powerful.

Game News

Chaos Ride is an upcoming 3D Racing title from Sc0tt Games

Sc0tt Games,  who created The Ingenious Machine, Rocket Drop,  and Tri-Strip, is about to release a brand new game called Chaos Ride. Set in the future, this racing game isn’t like most others as “[b]raking, drifting, and cornering are all irrelevant”. So in lieu of those things, racers will shift their weight (via careful positioning) and attempt to maximize the track to their advantage through things like the downhill gradients of the tubular track accelerating the speed of their hover bikes.

Game News

Android TV is Google’s newest journey into your living room

Yesterday Google announced and previewed a new product called Android TV. Android TV is coming soon, both in set top box form, as well natively integrated in television sets. Among its other features like search and voice input, it is also capable of playing games. Google mentioned that this isn’t a new platform, so much as they’re now going to give televisions the same level of attention as phones and tablets, and there should now be a single SDK for all form factors, including TVs. This should allow developers to create games that play on Android TV with relative ease.

Game News

Recap of other Android gaming news from Google’s Keynote

Yesterday was the keynote for Google’s 2014 developer conference, Google I/O. They’ve touched on several topics, some of which have gaming relevant ramifications. For starters, with the next OS upgrade (currently called “L”), they touched on two things that will benefit gaming: graphics and battery life. With the former, Google demo-ed some game footage running on the Unreal 4 engine (which currently is for PCs). For the latter, Project Volta was announced to help slow down battery drain by showing users more information about where battery drain is going. While this isn’t directly game-related, more juice means more gaming.

Hardware News

Android One is the newly announced platform for emerging markets

The Google I/O Keynote yesterday brought the announcement of Android One. Android One is a new platform, targeting emerging markets, where Google will create affordable smartphones, in order to help makers of smartphones who face the issues of the endless stream of upgraded phones that come out every year. It is a reference program that will allow manufacturers to easily choose what they want included in their smartphones to keep prices low.