Day: October 21, 2014

Game News

EA’s soft launch of Sim City BuildIt is in full swing for Canadian residents

EA has brought a new Sim City to Android in a title called Sim City BuildIt, currently now in a soft location-specific release. While this isn’t a full Sim City title in that it has every option and feature of its PC and console bethren, it does have a lot of gameplay available still including the actually city building elements, which is good since this is Sim City after all.

Game Reviews

Wave Wave Review: The Pain, The Glorious Pain!

While I normally write much longer format reviews Wave Wave is a game that you’ll either throw aside in frustration within the first few minutes (perhaps seconds for some) or you’ll be hopelessly hooked on it with a fierce passion. Much like Super Hexagon, Super Meat Boy, or other titles designed for the masochistic perfectionist gamers (like me) out there, Wave Wave is simple as can be to control and understand.