Day: 4 November 2014


Legends of Yore will be getting a spiritual successor soon called Legends of Fore

The rather popular roguelike fantasy game Legends of Yore will soon be getting a ‘spiritual successor’ soon called Legends of Fore. Aside from being a funny play on the original game’s name, Legend of Fore will be developed by the same person as the original as well, Coke and Code a.k.a Kevin Glass. This time around though we will be treated to a Sci-Fi theme instead of a fantasy one.


Nick Earl, former SVP of EA Mobile is now President of Kabam

Nick Earl is somewhat infamous among mobile gamers thanks to a period of controversy during his tenure as senior vice president of EA Mobile. Despite stirring the ire of a multitude of gamers after two separate contentious incidents regarding the monetization models for Real Racing 3 and Dungeon Keeper, Earl helped guide the division through a continuous string of critical and commercial successes.


Gameloft announces that 10 of their games are ready for Android TV

If you haven’t had enough Android TV game announcements then there is some good news for you, we have more! In all seriousness, whenever there is a new Android device that aims to be quite popular, developers always rush to announce their currents games getting updated with compatibility, which is a good thing of course. Gameloft is usually one of the first companies to make these announcements each time and the Nexus Player is no exception.