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[Updated] Blizzard announces the next Hearthstone expansion called Goblins vs Gnomes

While Android gamers patiently wait for the Android version of Hearthstone to finally make its way to our beloved platform, Blizzard has been trucking along with the game’s developed and has announced the next expansion for Hearthstone during Blizzcon 2014 which will be called Goblins vs Gnomes.

Update: November 7th, 2014 11:47am PST: According to Blizzard, Hearthstone for Android will be arriving in December 2014 for tablets and 2015 for Android phones. It will be released alongside the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion for Hearthstone.

Like the name suggests, this expansion is going to focus on a lot of the engineering from the World of Warcraft universe, both from the goblins side and the gnomes. In total there will be over 120 different cards that will be added to the game, all focusing on different aspects of engineering. You can expect to see cards like Robotic Sheep, Exploding Sheep (a 1/1 card with a death rattle that deals 2 damage to all minions), and Annoy-o-Trons to all be there.

The Goblins vs Gnomes expansion is slated for release next month but is playable at Blizzcon 2014 starting today. Android users are still waiting for Hearthstone to arrive which is slated for Android tablets by the end of 2014 with Android phones getting their version sometime in the earlier part of next year.

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