Day: November 11, 2014

Game News

DigitalD20 is looking to bring technology into the tabletop RPG scene without killing the Paper and Pen feeling

DigitalD20 is a company with a mission and that mission is to bring technology into the world of tabletop RPG gaming. They are hoping to accomplish this through the use of tablets and an overall platform of modules, a synchronized interface between players and the Game Master, interactive maps and more. We say “they are hoping” because currently this project is up on Kickstarter looking for additional funding.

Game News

New videos and art released for Goblins vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion

If you’ve been following the news here lately regarding Hearthstone and Blizzcon 2014 then you probably know already about the new expansion on the way called Goblins vs Gnomes which will be arriving soon. In time with this expansion, the Android version of Hearthstone for tablets will also finally be released. Blizzard has released a couple of videos and some art to show off this new expansion.