Day: December 22, 2014

Game News

SNK Playmore brings us Beast Busters which also features King of Fighters characters

SNK Playmore has released another one of their classic games onto Android and this time it is Beast Busters. Originally released in 1989, this is an on-rails shooter style of game which originally had players controlling one of three military servicemen as you go around killing monsters. In this version though you will also have the option of controlling your favorite King of Fighters characters.

Game News

A Look At Club Penguin for Android

A few days ago the kid’s MMO Club Penguin was released for Android on Google Play.  When I was younger I  had played it a lot back when the game was new on web browsers around 2006, I’m older now but I can still see how Club Penguin has been able to maintain a fun family friendly world for children to play in.

Hardware News

Nvidia offering up a deal for the 32GB Nvidia Shield Tablet for the holidays

So far Nvidia has really been pushing their Shield line of products over the past month, whether it be offering up a discount for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or something else, it has been a good time to buy a Shield Portable or a Shield Tablet. Right now Nvidia has put up another deal to take advantage of for the holidays which features the 32GB version of their Shield Tablet.