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Bandit Six is another new Samsung Gear VR game that will be arriving soon

One thing we can definitely say is that the Samsung Gear VR headset is certainly getting a decent amount of support from game developers. There is already a decent selection of games available and more are being added all the time. Today Climax Studio has announced that they will be releasing their first Samsung Gear VR game soon called Bandit Six.

As you may be guessing from the game’s name, this is a war themed game, more specifically World War II. Players will be put in charge of a turret on a World War II bomber plane with the goal of protecting your plane from enemies as you go about your bombing missions. This is actually a perfect game for virtual reality since you will have enemy fighters all around you trying to take down your bomber.

You will be on the back mounted turret so you will have plenty of action to contend with as planes try to flank your bombed to shoot it down. You may not get shot down but if you don’t make your bombing mission a success, you will still lose so protecting your plane is of vital importance.

As of right now there is no specific release date for Bandit Six as of yet. If it is released before the Oculus Rift Marketplace is updated to accept payments, it will be a free game in some fashion when it does launch. Either way you can check out the game in action in the video above.

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