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Sega Cutting Employees as They Shift Focus to Mobile and PC

Sega is offering 300 employees “voluntary retirement”  and in the process moving focus away from console games and on to Mobile and Online PC games. Sega of America is expected to lose 120 employees as part of Sega’s downsize, and will be moving its offices from San Francisco to Southern California.

Beyond financial woes, Sega is taking this move after multiple console game critical and sales failures, including most recently Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Nintendo Wii U.  Sega has already released many games onto Android including Sonic CD, Crazy Taxi, and Super Monkey Ball. The next Sonic mobile game coming is Sonic Runners, slated for a release later this year.

I’ve gotta say, this seems like a pretty bad idea to me. Of course lay offs are never a good thing, but their shift away from console games seems like a bad idea. Yes there is money to be made in mobile games, but consoles are still an important part of gaming. I’ll be posting an editorial on the matter later, so if you want to read my full thoughts, stay on the look out on DroidGamers.

Website Referenced: Crave Online

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