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IMGA People Choice Award voting is now live. Time to vote for your favorite game.

The IMGA People Choice Award voting has gone live and if you want to submit your vote for the game you want to see win, now is the time to do it. In total there are around 93 games (we saw a couple of doubles up there) nominated for the People’s Choice Award and whoever wins it is decided by you, the gamers.

Since there are so many nominees for this award, we are just going to highlight a few of them in order to give you an idea of what games are up there. You have plenty of the big named titles up there such as Hearthstone, 8- Days, Valiant Hearts, The Banner Saga, Leo’s Fortune, Skylanders Trap Team, and so on.

There’s also plenty of more indie type games up there as well to vote on. Monument Valley is, of course, up there as well as Framed, Crossy Roads, Tower Slash, Tap Titans, Goat Simulator, and a bunch of others.

So if you were waiting to vote on the game you want to win the People’s Choice Award from IMGA, you can do so starting right now. You can also check out our previous article outlining the games nominated for the official IMGA awards.

Official Website: IMGA’s People Choice Award

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