Day: 16 February 2015


Mad Hop is a new Crossy Road clone that is actually good and more challenging

Whenever a new game comes out that ends up becoming a massive success, you can always count on a plethora of clones and similar style games to make their way to Google Play in short order. The vast majority of these clones tend to either be pretty identical to the original game, but just not as good, or just a horrible copy of the original game. On occasion though you do get a clone that is actually pretty good.


The Wonderful World of Disney Android Apps and Games

During the doldrums of winter, there is nothing better than taking a vacation to a warmer place. While I don’t have the luxury of traveling during the winter, Summer beckons along with a yet to be fully planned trip to a Disney resort. In the meantime Disney fans/geeks like me have to find ways to keep the magic alive. Of course I will always recommend some quality Disney gaming.


[Update: Released] World Zombination is an upcoming MMO Tower Defense game pitting Survivors against Zombies

World Zombination is currently in development by Proletariat Inc. and is a very strange hybrid game in that it is labeled as an ‘MMO Tower Defense’ game. This may seem strange at first but the concept is actually kind of interesting. Players will have a choice to make, either finish destroying the world with hordes of zombies, or try helping the last remaining survivors defend against the undead hordes now roaming around.


Tactics: Conqueror’s War capture-the-flag style game is now out for Android

From the makers of Kingdom Corps, Aiming Global Service Inc., comes Tactics: Conqueror’s War (TCW). TCW is a card-based, capture the flag style game, where players attempt to capture castles and fortresses that sprawled over a map. Players will build their decks, comprised of character cards, through “fusion” (this wasn’t explained in the presser) and dungeon exploration.


Online Petition started for a remastered version of Sonic 3 to be released

A few weeks ago we posted an article about the fall of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega in general. Needless to say there is still a decent amount of discussion going on over in the comments section for that article and we haven’t even posted part 2 yet. So when we were tipped off about a petition for a remastered version of Sonic 3 to be released onto Android, it was something we obviously had to check out.


Could Nvidia be unveiling a GRID-centric device at GDC 2015? A set-top box perhaps?

Nvidia is gearing up for a big announcement at their pres event during the upcoming GDC 2015 and while no one truly knows what the company plans to unveil, besides Nvidia themselves, a lot of talk is happening about what the possible things the announcement could be. One of the more interesting ideas, and something mentioned in the comments in our previous article about the upcoming event, is a set-top box. However this idea we’ve been reading about goes further than that, making the set-top box be geared towards Nvidia’s GRID gaming on demand service.