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OrangePixel working on a new game called Space Grunts, a blend of turn-based and arcade shooter

Masters of the mobile retro games, OrangePixel is currently working on a new title called Space Grunts and are releasing development videos showing off the gameplay while it is being built. What is really intriguing about this game is that it will apparently be a blend of turn-based gameplay and arcade shooter. Of course it will also feature OrangePixel’s unique style of pixel art.

Space Grunts looks like a dungeon crawler in how the levels are designed. In fact in one of the older videos released by OrangePixel this month, the title of the video was Prototype: Heroes of Loot 2, meaning that this game was going to be a sequel to their gauntlet-style game Heroes of Loot. However, if you have played Heroes of Loot, you know that it isn’t a turn-based game and it is actually quite fast-paced. It also isn’t an arcade shooter since that would require it to not have a fantasy theme which Heroes of Loot does have.

So it seems at some point in the development process, what was going to be Heroes of Loot 2 has actually become Space Grunts. From what we have seen from OrangePixel in the past with early development information, this ‘evolution’ in the theme of the game they are working on at that time seems to happen often. The game starts as one thing but by the time it is finished, it is vastly different.

So what is Space Grunts about? Well there isn’t a lot of details released right now in regards to features and things of that nature. What we do know is that it will blend Turn-based gameplay with an arcade shooter. It is an interesting mix. When more details are released about this game, we will post an update. In the meantime, if you are curious about the whole development process, or just want to see the game in action as it is being built, OrangePixel is continuously releasing videos showing Space Grunts as it is being built. You can check those out over on their YouTube channel.

You can check out the latest build of Space Grunts in the video below.

Developer Websites: OrangePixel | YouTube

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