Day: 17 March 2015


Club Nintendo will be replaced with… something… with this new DeNA / Nintendo partnership

Earlier this morning Nintendo and DeNA announced a partnership where the two companies would be working together to bring Nintendo IPs to mobile gamers. These will be coming in the form of completely new games that will be based off of currently existing IPs like Super Mario Bros. on their other platforms. Part of that announcement also was about a new multi-membership service that will be built.


Google I/O 2015 registration begins today. This time Google is doing it differently.

There is a decent amount of news coming from Google today and there is a reason for that, Google I/O 2015 registration begins this morning at 9:00am PDT. However, before you go bananas with the reload button, trying to get your ticket before the site crashes or they are sold out in 10 minutes, which happens every year, Google will be doing things a bit differently this year.


The ‘Wild West’ style of Google Play is ending, Google will be reviewing apps developers upload

One thing that has always been great about Google Play is that developers can immediate publish their applications and games right to the market without any wait time at all. The same goes for updates that need to be pushed to their existing apps and games. However that appears to be changing now with Google announcing that they will begin reviewing apps and games to uncover any violations (TOS violations, inappropriate content, rating violations etc etc) and malware.