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Impressive looking upcoming Hack ‘n Slash RPG Angel Stone now has closed beta sign-ups live

Back in the beginning of March 2015 we reported on a new cross-platform Hack ‘n Slash RPG that would be heading our way soon called Angel Stone. This is one of those games that we are really looking forward to playing, sort of like how we were really anticipating the release of Implosion. Of course this is all based off of the initial footage we watched of Angel Stone’s gameplay. However, with a little luck, you could end up playing Angel Stone before it launches now that beta sign-ups are now live.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Angel Stone’s storyline is actually inspired by the Bible as well as the ideas of prophecy, angels, and demons. The game takes place during the End of Days which is pretty much the end of the world but in a biblical fashion. While people have only angels to protect them during this time of great darkness and destruction that has overtaken the world, there’s no one to protect the angels in their battle against the armies of Hell. This leaves the prayers of humanity left unanswered, with only the archangel Michael and a remnant of humanity left. The surviving humans begin to collect the remains of the fallen angels, called angel stones, and use divine power within the stones to fight back against the demonic forces bent on humanity’s destruction.

Players will have three classes to choose from: Beserker, Gunslinger, and Shadow Mage. There isn’t a ton of detail still about Angel Stone in terms of the amount of content that will be in the game, price, actual release date, and so on. However, there is a decent amount of art and video to check out, all of which shows some very impressive looking visuals. In one of the videos we posted in our previous article, it shows some of the developers playing Angel Stone on multiple platforms at the same time which includes Android, iOS and PC. This could hint at co-op multiplayer being available in Angel Stone, although this is not confirmed yet, but we have contacted the developers to find out for sure.

The beta sign-ups are actually a bit hidden. While the game’s official website is live with a sign-up for a newsletter type of service, if you sign up for that it will then ask you if you want to sign up for the beta as well. Click ‘Yes’ will then have you registered as possibly being a part of the beta. There is no word on when this beta will start but it is a closed beta which means space is limited. Definitely sign up if you plan to play this game and check out the official website as well, it’s pretty impressive looking.

You can check out the new gameplay trailer for Angel Stone in the video above. We will post an update when more details are released.

Official Website: Angel Stone (beta sign-up)

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