Day: 27 May 2015


Seven classic games getting revamped for the Nvidia Shield Android TV console which apparently launches tomorrow

NVIDIA’s new SHIELD Android TV is aiming to be the new king of the set-top boxes: an all-round entertainment system capable of displaying 4K video with 7.1 surround sound, and it also has a serious gaming pedigree. It comes with its own controller and enables you to stream games from NVIDIA’s GRID service in full HD and maximum graphical quality, or even from your own PC over your local network or across the internet. On top of that, though, is a range of hit games that have been revamped especially for the SHIELD, some of them you’ll doubtless already know, and some of which might be new to you. Here’s our guide to the first seven games getting a SHIELD makeover.


Live the dream, save a princess, and kill monsters in new Puzzle-RPG called Dungeon Crawler

There is a new Puzzle-RPG available on Google Play from developer Travasa which is called Dungeon Crawler. As one would guess from the name, Dungeon Crawler is a Puzzle-RPG that has players crawling through dungeons, battling monsters, and eventually saving a princess. Basically you’re living the dream of a hero, except if you die, then it’s not so much of a good life.


Outplay celebrates four year anniversary with four new games in development

Outplay is a game development studio that has seen some pretty big growth over the past year. Well the company is celebrating turning 4yrs old and to celebrate, Outplay is developing four new games that will be arriving in the near future. If Outplay doesn’t seem familiar to you, you more than likely know some of their games, with their biggest one being a partnership effort with Rovio with the Angel Birds Stella Pop! game that was recently released.


Impressive looking upcoming Hack ‘n Slash RPG Angel Stone now has closed beta sign-ups live

Back in the beginning of March 2015 we reported on a new cross-platform Hack ‘n Slash RPG that would be heading our way soon called Angel Stone. This is one of those games that we are really looking forward to playing, sort of like how we were really anticipating the release of Implosion. Of course this is all based off of the initial footage we watched of Angel Stone’s gameplay. However, with a little luck, you could end up playing Angel Stone before it launches now that beta sign-ups are now live.