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Telltale Games announces a new Walking Dead series called Walking Dead: Michonne, coming soon

Telltale Games held a short press event which was available for viewing over on YouTube’s live stream of E3 coverage and during this little press conference the company announces a new Walking Dead series which will be coming to all platforms including mobile. This new series is called Walking Dead: Michonne and will be a mini-series of three episodes in total.

As for details about this series, there wasn’t a ton of those announced during the press event, which is pretty standard for Telltale Games. The company likes their secrecy. What was announced though is that The Walking Dead: Michonne is officially a thing, will have three episodes, and will start characters from the TV show/comic. That’s about it for right now.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will be arriving soon (this Fall) onto all platforms including Android. There is one requirement though and that is players will need to own The Walking Dead: Season Two’s first episode in order to play this one.

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