Day: 15 June 2015


Bethesda brings a little Fallout love to mobile with Fallout Shelter, coming to Android soon

Currently available already on iOS, although some people say its a timed exclusive while Bethesda employees say its just not ready yet for Android, the company has released a new Fallout game for mobile games called Fallout Shelter. So it will be coming to Android as well, just not for a little bit. If you’re expecting a full Fallout mobile game, then unfortunately this won’t fulfill that desire. It will, however, scratch that Fallout itch you may get when out and about.


Tom Clancy’s The Division was going to have a Drone companion app, but not any more

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a new game announced today (as finally arriving soon) during Ubisoft’s press conference and there was also supposed to be a companion app coming along with this game as well. This app won’t put your face on a character like the newly announced companion app for NBA Live 2016 EA showed off earlier today. Instead it was something much cooler than that.


SYBO Games announces that Blade of Brim will be heading to Android after all

Originally announced as an iOS exclusive, SYBO Games has announced that their newest title Blades of Brim will eventually be coming to Android as well. So what was once a full exclusive is now a limited exclusive, which is why we are reporting on this now. Why the change? We aren’t sure but probably enough people bitched at them to bring it to Android that it made it actually happen.


[Updated] Machinarium’s beautiful metal world will be coming to the NVIDIA Shield console soon

Having been out for awhile now for Android devices, Machinarium is a delightful little adventure that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear when you’re not scratching your head in complete bafflement. It’s developed by Amanita Design, a small indie studio from the Czech Republic that made a name for itself years ago with a lovely browser-based game called Samorost, mixing animation and macro plant photography to create a surreal space adventure with a distinct organic feel.


Google now offers a Free App of the Week feature, similar to Amazon’s

It was only a matter of time before this happened, but Google has apparently begun a Free App of the Week feature which is similar to what Amazon does over on their appstore, except this is a weekly thing and not a daily thing like Amazon. What is even more interesting though is that you basically have to hunt for this Free App of the Week as there’s no immediate promotion for it on the front of Google Play.