Starbreeze announces that their Console/PC series PAYDAY is coming to mobile

Originally released for PC and console back in 2011, the PAYDAY franchise is a series of games that are FPS style and focus on players robbing banks, taking hostages (which can be used to trade for any arrested members), traffic narcotics, and so on.

In the announcement of going mobile, it was revealed that Starbreeze was going to retain the IP for the franchise, while farming out the development to Cmune, as well as buying a share of it; from what I can tell, their biggest hit is UberStrike.For those of you not familiar with this game, PAYDAY is all about breaking into banks and stealing the loot inside them. You can run solo or with friends and you’ll have to deal with cops, hostages and so on.

The game has no details in terms of the amount of content that will make it to the mobile game, if it isn’t all of it, including multiplayer gameplay, release date, or cost of the game announced, only saying that the game would be a “brand new PAYDAY experience tailored to mobile”. 505 Games, which has made some headlines already at E3 2015, will be co-publishing this game when it arrives.

We will post an update once more details are announced.

Official Website: Starbreeze

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