Keep your speedboat from crashing in Boom Goes the Boat

Released by Crave Creative Games, Boom Goes the Boat is a reflex based game. In an arcade-like fashion, players are simply tasked with keeping their boat from crashing. The boat will change directions when players tap on the screen, and the boat must navigate a windy river without crashing into one of the banks.

To make matters worse (more challenging?), the boat continues to pick up speed, the longer a player can keep it from crashing, so quick and correct timing is crucial to survival.

Boom goes the Boat Features:

– Tap screen to change directions
– Don’t hit the river bank
– Stars slow you down
– The longer you last the fast you go
– Simple yet challenging gameplay
– Fun for everyone

Boom goes the Boat is available from Google Play either for free with ads or for $0.99 without ads.

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