Day: 15 June 2015


It’s official apparently, Razer now owns the Android console maker Ouya

Well E3 2015 has barely started and already there have been some very good announcements for mobile gamers already, with Torchlight Mobile being announced last week still being one of the top 3 game announcements for mobile, and the week is barely underway! So everything is looking very promising for us mobile gamers. However, there have been some surprising announcements already as well, and one of those is that it appears that Razer has officially purchased Ouya.


Here is today’s E3 2015 press conference schedule and live stream options. 9am PST starting time.

This year E3 2015 has a lot of coverage available live to watch, which means plenty of live streams will be available. A lot of this is thanks to the new permissions that E3 has given to Twitch users, allowing them to co-broadcast the press conferences live on their own channel. However other companies are live streaming as well such as YouTube, who is covering E3 as well. In other words there is a lot of live coverage available.