Here is today’s E3 2015 press conference schedule and live stream options. 9am PST starting time.

This year E3 2015 has a lot of coverage available live to watch, which means plenty of live streams will be available. A lot of this is thanks to the new permissions that E3 has given to Twitch users, allowing them to co-broadcast the press conferences live on their own channel. However other companies are live streaming as well such as YouTube, who is covering E3 as well. In other words there is a lot of live coverage available.

With that said, it won’t be hard to find live streams to watch. It might be hard to find live streams regarding specific press conferences or coverage that you want to check out. So here is today’s press conference schedule, as well as where to watch it and who is hosting it. We will also mark the press conferences we will be co-broadcasting as well, in case you want to hang out with us and talk about any of the announcements at each one.

YouTube at E3 2015

YouTube is planning to cover a lot of E3 2015 live. Since this is YouTube, you won’t be able to access this stream on Twitch. Today’s coverage on YouTube will last 12 hours and should cover most of the press conferences today. At least that is what they are saying. You can check out YouTube’s coverage / live stream through the link below, which begins at 9am PST today.

YouTube: Day 1 E3 2015 live coverage

Twitch at E3 2015

As you are probably well aware of by now, Twitch will be coverage all of E3 2015 live. They actually have an E3 2015  hub set up where each major company has their channel located in. So if you want to watch, for example, the Xbox press conference today at 9am PST, but don’t want to watch it on the Twitch channel, you can find the official Xbox channel in the hub. Some of these channels will also be showing coverage throughout E3, not just the press conferences.

Twitch: E3 2015 Channel HubOfficial Twitch E3 channel | DroidGamers on Twitch

Here is the schedule for the official Twitch E3 2015 channel. Each press conference will also be streamed on that company’s channel, which you can find in the above mentioned hub. We have also marked off the ones we will be co-broadcasting live on our Twitch channel (Also embedded below), in case you want to chill out with us and discuss everything that is announced. We may just co-stream the entire thing live, but the ones that are marked off are the press conferences we are interested in, with possible mobile gaming announcements.

8:30am: Early Morning Preshow
9:30am: Xbox Media Briefing
11am: tinyBuild
11:30am: Larian Studios
12:00pm: Adult Swim Games (Co-broadcasting)
12:15pm: Devolver Digital (Co-broadcasting)
1:00pm: EA Media Briefing (Co-broadcasting)
2:10pm: BANDAI NAMCO (Co-broadcasting)
2:30pm: Nintendo
3:00pm: Ubisoft Press Conference
4:00pm: Harmonix: Rock Band 4
4:30pm: 13AM Games: Runbow
5:00pm: Psyonix Studios: Rocket League
5:15pm: Studio Wildcard: ARK: Survival Evolved
6:00pm: PlayStation Press Conference

DroidGamers on Twitch

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