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Stre.am changes directions and plans to start focusing on mobile eSports livestreaming

There are only a few applications for mobile devices in that ‘instant streaming’ category of things. One of those is Periscope, where you start up the application on your phone or tablet and using your devices and the Periscope app, stream whatever you are doing in real life to people who feel like tuning in to watch. This can be anything from event coverage and interviews at shows like E3, down to watching someone eat french fries.


YouTube Gaming will soon allow for native streaming of Android games

The rush to see who can capture the mobile game streaming market is heating up even more. Currently Mobcrush is still only available on iOS, the company is still working on a beta for Android. This leaves Twitch and YouTube Gaming as the front runners to capture the Android market share for mobile game streaming. DeNA does have their app as well, called Mirrativ, but as it stands that application still needs a bunch of features.


Here is today’s E3 2015 press conference schedule and live stream options. 9am PST starting time.

This year E3 2015 has a lot of coverage available live to watch, which means plenty of live streams will be available. A lot of this is thanks to the new permissions that E3 has given to Twitch users, allowing them to co-broadcast the press conferences live on their own channel. However other companies are live streaming as well such as YouTube, who is covering E3 as well. In other words there is a lot of live coverage available.