There is a sequel to Dead Effect to launch in early September

Continuing where the original first-person-shooter Dead Effect left off, players begin the game on ESS Meridian. Players are still trying to discover what exactly the evil is that is attempting to enslave your mind and will, according to the press release, be “Facing monsters more dangerous than creepy undead zombies…..”

Dead Effect 2 will also be optimized to take advantage of NVIDIA’s new X1 chip, due to both sides partnering together, so expect this game to look sharp. Dead Effect 2 has an expanded upgrade system, which allows for hundreds of items, extras, accessories, and (new to DE2) implants to make your character even more difficult to kill.

Dead Effect 2 Features:

– Breathtaking graphics
– Exciting gameplay
– Clever storyline
– 3 playable characters
– Large variety of enemies
– Unique boss fights
– 100s of items to upgrade your gear
– Implants to enhance and alter your character
– 40 unique types of upgradable weapons
– Optimized for Tegra devices and the new nVidia SHIELD 4K console

Dead Effect 2 will be released sometime in the earlier part of September 2015, although no specific date has been announced as of yet. As for pricing, nothing has been announced regarding that either. While it sounds like this will be an Nvidia X1 exclusive, it should be available for most newer Android devices. You can check out the first Dead Effect 2 trailer after the acreenshots below.

Developer Website: Badfly Interactive

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