Day: 22 June 2015


Albion Online’s Summer Alpha begins next week, gets a new trailer to celebrate

Albion Online is a MMORPG a lot of people are looking forward to play. It was originally announced that the PC MMORPG would be coming to multiple platforms including Android and iOS last year and since then the game developers have been hard at work making sure everything runs smoothly. This game actually had a brief closed alpha testing period a little while ago (earlier this year), making this Summer Alpha the second time the game has opened up to the public.


Epic Survival RPG, Crashlands, gets its first trailer to check out

The venerable survival genre is nearly as old as gaming itself, dating back at least to Oregon Trail and survival modes in tower defense games. For a substantial period of time, Japanese survival horror games nearly became synonymous with the entirety of the genre. These days, fleeing from monsters still dominates the genre thanks to games such as Left 4 Dead, Day Z and Slender Man.