Day: June 23, 2015

Game News

Beloko’s Doom emulator finds a new home on the Amazon after being banned from Google Play

After being banned from Google Play to make way for the official release of Doom on Android, Beloko’s emulator for players who want to port over their own copies of Doom has now arrived in the Amazon Appstore. What Beloko does is “specialize in creating high-quality usable ports with exceptional Touch Screen and Gamepad support”, according to the dev.

Game News

Sim/Tycoon style game Punch Club will be landing on Android this Fall

Originally announced and shown off during this year’s E3 2015, tinyBuild Games has put a release time frame onto their upcoming Tycoon style of game called Punch Club. For those of you not familiar with this game, Punch Club brings the retro visual styling that games from back in the day had, mixes it up together with a sim/tycoon type of game, adds some boxing into the mix, and for good measure, you’ll need to eventually find out who killed your father.

Game News

Curse brings their VOIP chatting service to Android with their new app called Curse Voice

If you play video games on either console or PC, then you probably have heard of Curse. They have a network of video game related news websites, pro eSports teams, game wikis, and a ton of other features, all of which relates to video games on pretty much every platform out there. Their VOIP chatting service, Curse Voice, now has an official Android app that people can now use.

Game News

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 get a new trailer, arrive this Thursday for Android devices

A week or so ago we reported on the next episode of TellTale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands series would be showing up this week, and true to the company’s word it will be arriving right on schedule. They are doing their usual staggered release, with PC and console gamers getting Episode 3: Catch A Ride today and tomorrow, while Android and iOS gamers will be getting it on Thursday.

Game News

Invade other planets as an octopus in Octopus Invasion, now available on Google Play

In Octopus Invasion, players assume  the role of an angry octopus. After the invasion, and ensuing  destruction of your native world, this octopus has set out among the stars to find another home from one that belongs to the original invading aliens.. Unfortunately, the denizens of these new worlds are hostile to the prospect of co-habitating  with otherworldly octopi.