Day: 23 July 2015


[Update: Released] New puzzle game Freak Factory set to arrive for Android on July 27th

Released by independent game developer Richard Lord, is a game where players assemble “freaks” at a factory. The gameplay is puzzle oriented, as players are cramming as many as possible in the allotted amount of space. For a frame of reference, the game is laid out in a nearly identical fashion to the more commonly known Bubble Shooter games, only with Freak Factory, there’s no apparent way to remove the freaks once they’re in place.


Kill the Maliao is ironically a rip-off of mario parody game Kill the Plumber

Kill the Plumber is a Mario-style platformer where players actually play as the enemies instead of the Italian plumber. However, one thing you can see in Kill the Plumber is the heavy influence it has taken from Mario games in regards to level design, enemies, pretty much every aspect. Another game called Kill the Maliao is basically a rip-off of Kill the Plumber, which could technically be considered a rip-off of Mario games.


Want the new rare Galaxy S6 card back for Hearthstone, without buying a Galaxy S6? Here’s how.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s popular virtual CCG for multiple platforms including mobile handsets that’s based on the World of Warcraft universe. Recently, Blizzard released a custom card back that was made exclusively available for those playing the game on a Galaxy S6. If you don’t have a Galaxy S6, but you’re OCD about collecting every card back in the game, that means there will always be one missing from your collection… or does it?