Day: 21 September 2015


Help Poi Goodson to be cool as a resident of Hipsville in OMFQ – Life of Pio

Poi Goodson is just a harmless little boy with nothing overly unique about him. He was raised in a conservative household that follows all of the traditional ways of life and behaviors. However, his family lives in Hipsville, which is a town that prides itself on keeping up with the times, using the latest and greatest of anything and everything that comes out. Poi wants to be cool like everyone else in Hipsville and with the release of the newest smartphone, he has a chance to be just that.


[Update: More games added] Rockstar has put Grand Theft Auto III and Max Payne on sale

Rockstar is known for, among other things, their popular Grand Theft Auto series of games on multiple platforms. Today, they have out a couple of their games on sale: Max Payne along with Grand Theft Auto 3. With the former, players assume the role of the eponymous Max Payne who is a cop that was framed for murder, where players must elude both the mob and the police while proving the innocence of Payne.


Square Enix Type-0 Online will be coming to Android soon, possibly with a Western release too

The world of Square Enix and Final Fantasy games can be a bit confusing, especially with all of the name changes, the occasional game cancellation, and whether or not a game will even make it to the West anyways. Last week we reported on Final Fantasy Agito being officially cancelled, with another game set to take its place instead as a sort of ‘reborn’ version. At least that’s what the information was at the time. Today Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, which will be the game replacing Final Fantasy Agito. It may also actually be getting a Western release too.