Day: 5 October 2015


Disney has retired a slew of mobile games including Monkey Island and more

Today Disney has confirmed a huge list of mobile games the company is retiring. Before everyone gets worried though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be pulled for Google Play (or other markets for that matter) and won’t be downloadable. What this does mean is that development won’t be continuing for these particular titles. This means no future updates or support for the retired games.


Amazon Throws Down the Gauntlet: Bans Sales of Chromecast and Apple TV

Just days after Google announced its latest iteration of the popular Chromecast streaming device, Amazon has made an announcement of its own; Amazon sellers are banned from selling any version of the device, or its peer, the Apple TV. The move demonstrates just how serious Amazon is about bolstering its own streaming service, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from offering a friendly spin that seems unrelated to competition.


Marvel Puzzle Quest gets their first commercial as well featuring Lou Ferrigno

While TV commercials are becoming more common each month, they are still somewhat of a new thing to experience when watching TV or videos. Companies aren’t holding back either with the cost of these commercial, bringing on some big names to play a role in each one of them. Marvel Puzzle Quest has gotten their first TV commercial which features the original Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno.