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Snail Games announces the closed beta for their next mobile MMORPG called Age of Wushu Dynasty

Snail Games has finally announced the closed beta testing for their next game which happens to be another MMORPG. This time, however, this new game is based off of the company’s currently existing PC MMORPG called Age of Wushu. The mobile version of that game is called Age of Wushu Dynasty and if you have been following this site for awhile now, then you’ve seen us talk about this game a few times already.

Age of Wushu Dynasty takes the world from the PC version of the game and stuffs it onto your mobile device. It will be an open-world MMORPG centered around traditional martial arts themes. Players will join competing martial arts schools, develop Kungfu skill sets, and collect weapons while trying to level up and become as strong as possible with the character they are building. So instead of races, like in other MMORPGs, Age of Wushu Dynasty has martial arts schools instead.

Age of Wushu Dynasty Features:

– Four unique schools for players to choose from
– Stylized and authentic martial arts world known as Jianghu
– Stunning graphics and vivid scenery based on real-life historic locations and setting
– Revolutionary combat system using animations modeled on renowned Kungfu masters
– Extensive multiplayer and innovative PvP and Co-op systems

Interestingly enough, Snail Games actually has Age of Wushu dynasty labeled as the mobile follow-up to the original PC game Age of Wushu, almost like it was a sequel of sorts. Since this is a martial arts based MMO, players will have different martial arts styles to use in combat, creating combos and using skills to take out enemies in fast-paced combat. This is also a Class-less MMORPG, which means there isn’t the traditional class system found in other titles. Instead you can build your character however you want through skills and wearing different equipment. You can also jump from rooftops and trees in true martial arts movie style.

Second image shows the Suzhou School

As for the closed beta testing phase for Age of Wushu Dynasty, the first part of it will begin next month. Unfortunately there is no specific date announce for it just yet. Sign-ups aren’t available just yet either, so this is just an announcement giving everyone a heads-up that it will be starting soon. When the sign-ups for the closed beta go live, we will post an update. You can check out additional screenshots and the game’s trailer below.

Official Website: Age of Wushu Dynasty

The Tangmen and Wudang Schools

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