Day: November 6, 2015

Game News

Mojang shows off some Redstone goodness heading to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with new video

The other day we reported on the fact that Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.13.0 update is currently available to play in the MCPE beta which will be bringing functioning Redstone. While people can build insanely complex and functioning machines among other things with Redstone, a lot of players are also pretty intimidated by it. So Mojnag has released a video to show off what you can do with Redstone in MCPE.

Game News

PSA: New Android malware strain is apparently almost impossible to remove

One of the major reasons to use the proper marketplaces when grabbing the Android game or app that you want at that time is because of the security risks that are involved with shady third-party sites and torrents. There is no guarantee of what you are actually getting until it is on your device basically. There is a new strain of malware that has shown up for Android devices that is apparently ‘virtually impossible’ to remove, at least for right now.

Game News

Hero Entertainment will be launching their eSports focused mobile title Crisis Action in the West soon

Hero Entertainment has announced today that they will soon be releasing their eSports focused mobile game called Crisis Action onto both Android and iOS in the West. Currently the game is already available on both platforms in China and Taiwan where it already has over 120 million users. So there won’t be a problem finding people to play against.