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Humble Bundle will no longer be offering bi-weekly Mobile Bundles anymore

Humble Bundle, the guys that sell Bundles of games at whatever price you want to pay, have made a change to how they’ll be selling mobile games going forward. According to their site, they won’t be doing away with selling mobile games, but gone are the days of bundles that are mobile-only.

What they intend to do instead is offer mobile games concurrently with others title for different platforms, like the Made in Singapore bundle that was just released that was a mix of PC and mobile, or “feature special mobile bundles throughout the year”. If you’ll allow me too editorialize for a moment, I must say that I’m not a fan of this change. In my case, I look to Humble Bundle for mobile offerings, and have found value in them often.

While I will continue to watch and peruse their bundles, mixing the mobile games into non-mobile bundles will definitely cause me to be be more selective about when I pull the trigger on a bundle, and for how much, as they will be offering less of what I look for in a particular bundle. I, for one, am hoping they’ll either revert the policy or offer their special mobile bundles at something close to once every month or two, at least.

Source: Humble Bundle Blog

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