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Celebrate Singapore’s independence with the newest weekly Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, the-pay-whatever-you-want-to-get-DRM-free-games-and-support-charity-while-you’re-at-it service that sells said games in a variety of different bundles; holiday themes, monthly, and so on. In Humble’s newest Weekly bundle, there’s a mix of games that they’ve cobbled together to celebrate the 50th year of Singapore’s independence. Both the bundle for this week, as well as its charities, are salient to Singapore.

All the games have been made be developers in Singapore, and the charities support the disadvantaged there as well.

Autumn Dynasty

In honor of the special occasion, we have a unique opportunity to support the disadvantaged in Singapore. Under the Care & Share Movement for SG50, donations to Community Chest Singapore will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Singapore government to build the social service sector and support rising needs in Singapore, and that includes money raised through this bundle! So here are some games made by developers in Singapore, meaning you can celebrate, play, and support Singapore all at once!

Of the games so far listed for the bundle, there are two that will run on Android: Autumn Dynasty, an RTS game where players use brush strokes to “paint” their orders onto the battlefield for armies to obey, and Mooncake Shop, where players manage a Mooncake Cafe, in what appears to be a tycoon or sim style game.

Official Website: Weekly Humble Bundle

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