Day: 13 November 2015


Razer says they are ‘doubling-down’ on Android TV

With news coming out yesterday that the Forge TV is no longer for sale on Google’s Store, everyone has been speaking the inevitable doom of the company’s set-top box. We mentioned it didn’t make sense that after Razer’s purchase of Ouya that they would just simply let their Android TV initiative die and that perhaps they were getting ready for a new release for the Forge TV or another similar device. As it turns out, that could be exactly what they are doing.


Celebrate Singapore’s independence with the newest weekly Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, the-pay-whatever-you-want-to-get-DRM-free-games-and-support-charity-while-you’re-at-it service that sells said games in a variety of different bundles; holiday themes, monthly, and so on. In Humble’s newest Weekly bundle, there’s a mix of games that they’ve cobbled together to celebrate the 50th year of Singapore’s independence. Both the bundle for this week, as well as its charities, are salient to Singapore.


Call your own plays just like a coach would in Pro Strategy Football 2015, now out for Android

For fans of football that appreciate the strategy and planning that go into the sport, Pro Strategy Games has released a new game that will help scratch that itch: Pro Strategy Football 2015. The game is less about executing the plays by controlling players, and focuses more on calling the appropriate play for a given situation. Players are encouraged to size up both their own roster, as well as that of their opponents, in order to exploit potential weaknesses and advantageous match-ups.