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Nvidia Shield Android TV will be on sale for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For those of you looking to score yourself one of those Nvidia Shield Android TV units this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Nvidia has announced that they will be putting that on sale for both days. Depending on how you want to buy it, you will either be wanting to go into a store, or buy it online. Either way you get the same deal.

And what deal is that exactly? Basically anyone buying an Nvidia Shield Android TV on either day will be saving $100. The price of the unit itself will be reduced by $50, but you will also get the Nvidia Shield Remote for free with your purchase, which is also valued at $49.99.

For those of you wanting to buy the Nvidia Shield Android TV in an actual store (Best Buy, Frys, Etc etc), this deal will be available on Black Friday. If you want to buy yours online (Amazon, Nvidia, NewEgg, Etc etc), then this deal will be available on Cyber Monday instead. Nvidia is also planning to put a bunch of games on sale for Black Friday which includes 75% off all Deep Silver games (like the Saints Row franchise for example), as well as 50% off other selected titles.

We will post a quick update on Friday when the sales begin.

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