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Square Enix puts a bunch of their games on sale for half off

Square Enix, the company behind numerous big franchises on multiple platforms, has put a bunch of their games on sale. Franchises that are a part of this sale include Final Fantasy, Hitman, Chrono Trigger and more.

Like always, here’s a full list of what Square Enix has on sale right now on Android. Like most sales, this one is only for a limited time.

– Final Fantasy
– Final Fantasy II
– Final Fantasy III
– Final Fantasy IV
– Final Fantasy IV: After Years
– Final Fantasy V
– Final Fantasy VI
– Secret of Mana
– Chrono Trigger
– Lara Croft GO
– Hitman Go
– Hitman Sniper

All of these games are half off, though only the Final Fantasy games seem to visually indicate that, while the Hitman, Lara Croft, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger don’t reflect it in their icons.

Google Play: Square Enix

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