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Kemco puts ten of their games on sale for the holiday season

Kemco has been releasing video games for decades, and lately releases mostly JRPGs for Android. Much like other developers and studios, they are putting a bunch of their games on sale for Christmas. The normal pricing for these games is typically $3.99 and up, but they’re all being marked down to $0.99 for the sale, and should remain there until January 4th.

Here’s a list of the Kemco games on sale right now:

– Revenant Saga ( Download )
– Illusion of L’Phalcia ( Download )
– Fanatic Earth ( Download )
– Tears Revolude ( Download )
– Legend of Ixtona ( Download )
– Eclipse of Illusion ( Download )
– Valkyria Soul ( Download )
– Bonds of the Skies ( Download )
– Blood of Calamity ( Download )
– Soul Historica ( Download )

You can check out the Google Play page for each game by clicking the download link beside their name, or you can just tap on the developer’s page on Google Play below. Either way, Happy Gaming!

Google Play: Kemco Game

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