Day: 22 December 2015


Level Up Gamecrap Edition: The World of Gaming Getting Too Easy

The latest installment into our Level Up franchise is actually an episode of a sub-series that runs under the Level Up name called Gamecrap. This is where one game is selected as the topic usually, instead of a general video game related topic like in regular Level Up episodes, and is critiqued in a gentle manner. While the game may not necessarily be on Android for each of these Gamecrap episodes, the point behind what is being said can be applied to any platform of video gaming.


Nvidia is giving away five free Lunchboxes for playing Fallout Shelter on the Shield Tablet K1

If you own one of Nvidia’s newly released Shield Tablet K1 units, and you saw yesterday’s news of the Marshmallow update arriving for that particular tablet, then you are probably aware that Fallout Shelter arrived with this particular update. Now that you have this game installed on your tablet, Nvidia is giving away some in-game goodies for Fallout Shelter players using the Shield K1 tablet.


Hello There releases a big update for their action-filled arcade game Kung Fury: Street Rage

Released back in May of this year on Android, and currently available on multiple platforms including the PS4, Kung Fury: Street Rage has just received a pretty big update for all version of the game. If you’re not familiar with this game, Kung Fury is a throwback to the old school brawler games where you walk down city street and beat the crap out of your enemies, or shoot them, whatever works for you.


[Update #2: More Games Added] Android Game Sale Round-Up: Beamdog, Goat Simulator games, 11-bit studios and a lot more

With Christmas only a few days away, a lot of developers have put their games on sale over on Google Play. Companies like Beamdog have put up their Baldur’s Gate series, Coffee Stain Games with their Goat Simulator series, and a lot of indie developers, all have their games on sale right now. This is a good time to pick up games you’ve been wanting to get.