Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 – A Block and a Hard Place is now available for download

Telltale Games has released the fourth episode in their Minecraft: Story Mode series, which means there is just one more episode left before the story comes to a close. In case you missed our previous coverage about this episode, titled A Block and a Hard Place, this brings the Wither Storm portion of the story to a close.

With the Wither Storm story arc closing, this opens up the game for the series finale in episode 5. Here is a recap of what to expect with the episode 4 storyline:

With the fearsome Wither Storm more dangerous than ever, Jesse, Reuben, and the crew discover there is one thing that can destroy the command block at the heart of the monster – but they’ll need to brave the perils of the Farlands to find it. As uneasy allies and ailing friends threaten to tear the group apart, can they defeat the Wither Storm in their final battle? And what sacrifices must be made to succeed?

This release of episode 4 is available for all version of Minecraft: Story Mode right now, so there is none of that staggered release happening like previous series from Telltale Games. If you don’t own Minecraft: Story Mode, now is a very good time to grab it as it is on sale for $0.10 for the holidays. That is only for the first episode though. Additional episodes are purchased as IAPs.

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