Day: 16 February 2016


Khronos launches their Vulkan 1.0 APIs today for developers to snap up and start using them

You may or may not remember back in August of last year when we reported on Google making the official announcement that they would be using Khronos’ Vulkan platform for Android developers to use its low-overhead graphical APIs. In a nutshell this is supposed to improve performance by providing developers more direct access to the GPU itself. Developers can manage memory and multiple threads on their own instead of leaving it up to the driver.


Supercell announces that the soft launch for the Android version of Clash Royale is starting today

So we have been covering the development and testing of Supercell’s next title called Clash Royale for awhile now, since it was announced. Earlier this month the company announced that the global launch for Clash Royale on Android would be arriving in March 2016. While that isn’t much of a wait, a few lucky regions will be getting early access to the game with the soft launch that was just announced for Android.