Day: 18 February 2016


[Update: Game Released] SuperPlus Games will finally be releasing Retro Shot this month, their mini golf and pinball hybrid title

SuperPlus Games, which is a new game development studio made up of ex-Rovio developers, has announced their newest game for mobile devices caledd Retro Shot. This particular game will be a blend of mini golf and pinball, all wrapped up into one game. If this all sounds familiar, it should. We actually reported on this game coming to Android back in October of last year.


Unique Gamer IDs are coming to Google Play Games

This just in from the Android Official Blog, the Android team has announced a couple of new features today. First, the biggest part of the announcement: the Android team announced that they will be rolling out Gamer IDs over the next few weeks. This allows players to be able to customize their public facing gaming persona, and as achievements are racked up or leaderboards are climbed, that Gamer ID is what other people will see.


Square Enix and Nvidia are teaming up for a number of releases in the near future on GeForce Now

In other Nvidia GeForce Now news, Tomb Raider isn’t the only Square Enix title being released on Nvidia’s game streaming service, as both companies have announced additional titles heading our way. While only four titles were specifically mentioned, those four titles were pretty big names and Square Enix is stated that there will be even more than those four.